The Jenever room takes us back to the era of the Interbellum.

After World War I, the Jenever industrie had a hard time.
The Germans seized all copper distilling equipment to forge weapons and bushings.

Most distilleries closed down, and Jenever sales plummeted.

When Sara, the daughter of Distillery ‘Van Looy’ took over the family business, she managed to bring the typical Jenever from Hasselt back to it’s former glory.
Day and night she experimented with seasoning in her secret flavouring chamber, in order to create the perfect Jenever.

Jealous of her success, the competition fruitlessly tried to obtain the secret recipe of the ‘Van Looy’ Jenever.
After a final attempt to steal the recipe, a jealous competitor tries to blow up the ‘Van Looy’ distillery.

Your job: Find the secret recipe and disarm the bomb.